i am lost

by Owen Steel

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A deceased canine lays parallel to a trash infested train yard; A group of wayfarers succumb to the intense heat; A stomach is split open causing the victim to writhe about; A will is left behind with a stranger.

All of these scenes present in Steel's eerie, lo-fi ballad 'I Am Lost'.

Gleaned from various experiences while roving in Latin America and later penned between a boat at sea and a graveyard in Virginia, the songs core seems wrapped in trauma. Yet, the song isn’t about experiencing trauma so much as trying to cover it up.

‘I am Lost’ isn’t void of hope, but instead, filled with ignorance. Filled with the ignorance every one of us employs to cover up hurt. If you believe Owen when he sings “I’m not lonely,” you’re not listening closely enough.

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Dead dog on the side of the road / Mama holding her baby boy / One thousand pieces of trash / float like leaves and falling ash / Moving to the rhythm of a freight train coming down the railroad tracks / Each day wraps itself around my torso / I hold on and I get pulled along by other travelers / Burning from the sun / my lips are cut and my shirts unbuttoned / Turning tricks in exchange for food and a roof to stay out of the rain / I'm not lonely but I am lost / Walking round in circles trying to connect the dots / I'm not lonely but I am lost / Rest my head on a woman's lap / Cover myself with a map / I am not lonely I am lost / I have memories of that baby crying / And I still have dreams of when we almost died / A man squirms cuts his own guts / Finger to his lips tells me to hush / Directions change wind to lee / Now the train tracks are turning into the sea / I left my will in the dog patch with Dean / It was the last place on earth that he was ever seen / I can't remember exactly what he said / But if I could take a guess it's that he would be dead and gone / He's long gone / I'm not lonely but I am lost / Walking round in circles ....



released January 18, 2017
Written by Owen Dacombe Steel

Produced by Owen Steel & Willow Bell

Owen Steel: vocals / guitar / drums / piano

Scott Mallory: lapsteel

Huck Fawn: vocals

Vocals, guitar, drums & piano
recorded by O with a Tascam 424
on type II, high bias tape.
Seal Cove, Grand Manan
New Brunswick, March 2016

Additional recording &
mixing by Willow Bell.
Montreal, Quebec
December 2016

C & P Owen Steel 2017 (SOCAN)



all rights reserved


Owen Steel

Tied to curiosities such as wild animals, time travel, hobos, food, and lust,
O sings his way through an assortment of idiosyncratic garage / folk material, occasionally
popping up in random corners around the globe, making his way under the radar and into your (h)ear(t)
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