with twine (108 adolphus demo)

by Owen Steel

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What may seem like a romantic number - and it is - simultaneously addresses a plight sometimes found in relationships: The human tendency to be possessive of others.

Starting out slightly ominous, the song arrives at the narrator stating their desire to have another be bound to them with twine. In doing so, an impression of love is insinuated, and still, "terrible things will happen / you will want to die" ...

That's not love. And everyone knows it. Love sets you free. (Such a notion being portrayed towards the songs end by a field recording of birds - a universal symbol of freedom)

All said, it's the last verse that may contain insight into the matter: In a world that is but a bizarre dream, and the afterlife steeped in uncertainty as to what it will (or will not) offer, why wouldn't we be subconsciously driven to stave off personal isolation in this lifetime... even at the expense of another ones freedom?

Love prevails / Tragedy ensues.



if you don't like where this is going / it may have to end / if you want to get to know me / if you want to be my friend / you've gotta dance on the table / you've gotta walk with your hands / i have these expectations / here is my list of demands / lets take it from the top / do it one more time / i may not have good reason / but i know that we rhyme / and i'm going to tie you to me with twine / terrible things will happen / you will want to die / we will be waiting for miracles / to fall out of the sky / tacit and truthful / lessons are taught / do you want to keep it going / or do you not / making it up / as we climb / for all you know life could start at twenty nine / and i'm going to tie you to me with twine / looking ahead / giving in kind / love it is real / and it's on my mind / and i'm going to tie you to me with twine / it's enough to make you wonder out loud / will i always be as fragile and passive as a cloud / because we are dreaming / caught between heaven and hell / i want to keep you close / i want to tie you to myself



released February 24, 2017
Written by Owen Dacombe Steel

Owen: guitars / vocals / field recording

Scott Mallory: additional mixing

Recorded with a bullet mic and sm 57 to
Tascam 424 in the bedroom @ 108 Adolphus
St. Andrews, New Brunswick, July 2016

Transferred without noise reduction from tape to
digital as one track, in mono, to use as reference,
thereafter the original master being accidentally
destroyed. Working with what he had, Scott Mallory
doctored the song , reviving it from what would other-
wise not have been a listenable recording.

Mr-fix-it lives!

C & P Owen Steel 2017 (SOCAN)



all rights reserved


Owen Steel

Tied to curiosities such as wild animals, time travel, hobos, food, and lust,
O sings his way through an assortment of idiosyncratic garage / folk material, occasionally
popping up in random corners around the globe, making his way under the radar and into your (h)ear(t)
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